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26.11.2014 Pic comment
Erich: More Thomas More, Come on dude this is getting So Good!

25.11.2014 Pic comment
Thomas-Storyline: Duyen (actually enjoying the situation of having a helpless and whimpering little squeeze-toy in the grip of her man-eating coils):"Ohhh...little boy, you want to suck my luscious breasts?!Mmmmh..., let me think...! Yeah, perhaps I will let you suck..., but first of all you have to promise something to me and my tail, something very important..., especially for you..., for your pathetic little life!"

Jim (getting very excited in the light of the aforesaid):"Yes Mistress, I will promise you everything,...everything you want,....but please, please, I..., I can`t (slowly getting out of breath with the mighty coil winding still tighter around his already compressed chest)... can`t bear my desire anymore!"

25.11.2014 Pic comment
Erich: Where are you Author?, we need more pics for these. Are you busy making a bunch more it's been a while..:(

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Reticulated python naga
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Wow! That`s the most beautiful snakewoman i have ever seen!
I love Retics and she is stunning.

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