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29.07.2014 Pic comment
Thomas-Storyline: Jim (trying to reach the pillar with the last ounce of his strenght):"(Must get out of this shit...., arghhh... my stomach,...she is killing me...!)"

Duyen (squeezing Jim tighter now, stepping up the pressure on his stomach):"Baby, baby, baby,... Do I really have to squeeze the rage out of you? Calm down now, otherwise I will...!"

29.07.2014 Pic comment
Thomas-Storyline: Jim (slowly getting puffed of):"Ahrrrg, your`s too tight! Stop squeezing me you creeping scum!"

Duyen (embracing Jim tighter and tighter with her muscular tail):"Ohhh, come on baby! I haven`t even started squeezing you! Maybe you should calm down a little bit and try to enjoy my stimulating clinch!"

28.07.2014 Pic comment
Coils: Looks like he is trying to keep her from unwinding around him--I sure would!

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Reticulated python naga
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Wow! That`s the most beautiful snakewoman i have ever seen!
I love Retics and she is stunning.

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